If your current vehicle doesn’t have a backup camera, your next car probably will. As of May 2018, all new passenger vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds are legally required to have this technology. A backup camera is designed to supplement the performance of your rearview mirror. While rearview mirrors are certainly helpful, they don’t reveal things that are directly behind your car and at or below trunk level. Conversely, backup cameras provide a wide-angle view that greatly reduces the potential for back over accidents. With this camera in place, you’ll be able to see small children walking directly behind your automobile, discarded toys, and other possible obstructions.

Beyond revealing rear obstructions, backup cameras also make it infinitely easier to back into parking spaces. With a clear and totally accurate view of the space that you’re angling into and the benefit of audible warning alerts whenever you get too close to obstructions, you’ll be able to safely and quickly park your car every time. To learn more about backup camera technologies or to test drive a vehicle with this helpful feature, visit us at SoundTronics today.

If you’ve ever worried about causing an accident while backing out of your driveway or a parking space at a local store, then a backup camera is right for you. These safety devices can help ensure that your vehicle, your passengers, and those outside your vehicle remain safe when your car is in reverse. The mobile electronics pros at SoundTronics offer state-of-the-art backup cameras for drivers in and around the Twin Ports area. With the addition of a backup camera system, you’ll no longer have to worry about your children being harmed while playing in the driveway or backing into a pole in a parking lot. If you’re ready to increase the safety of your vehicle, our experienced team is here to help by offering you a brand-new rear view camera. Call us today to discuss your needs and find out more about installing a backup camera system in your vehicle!

These innovative systems provide a clear view of what’s behind your vehicle when you’re in reverse, so there’s no more craning your neck or trying to see into blind spots. With a car backup camera installed by our pros, you’ll have a straightforward view of your path, making it easier to keep your vehicle and those around you safer.

A rear view camera will help you avoid accidents of all kinds, which is not only great for your safety but also your wallet. By installing a wireless backup camera in your vehicle, you’ll be able to avoid fender benders, which normally cause the price your auto insurance to increase. One call to Automotive Concepts for the installation of a backup camera can help ensure that your vehicle remains undamaged and that your insurance premiums remain low.

Our licensed and insured rear view camera installation pros have 20 years of experience in the mobile electronics business, so you can trust us to provide you with amazing results that will protect you and your vehicle.

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